Organic Luv Nutrition Bar is a family operated, local West Vancouver organic cold pressed juice company that strives to provide our community a delicious and nutritious way to incorporate organic plant-based health into a busy life, helping our clients nourish and heal their body.

We offer Organic Cold Pressed Juices, Natural Smoothies, Homemade Nut Mylks, Organic Super Foods and Organic Nuts full of live energy and nutrients!

All our ingredients are organic. We also never compromise our juices with pasteurization, making sure every enzyme, vitamin & mineral present in the juice stays intact and untouched until the time you are ready to enjoy Organic Luv.

We are purists and the quality of our juicer & organic produce requires glass bottles in order for juice to remain pure and toxin free.

We aim to provide quality service and quality products either in our store or more conveniently delivered to your home or office.

Locally Sourced Organic Ingredients

We support local farmers whenever possible. Many conventional produces are imported from overseas affecting our local economy as well as leaving a dirty carbon footprint on our lives. Organic farming methods protect future biodiversity, soil health and greenhouse emissions.

Organic Luv uses organic ingredients are sourced from farms utilizing organic, chemical-free farming methods, local whenever possible.

Organic and local produce, meaning you avoid the abundance of chemicals found on many conventional fruits and vegetables, which negates the purpose of detoxifying in the first place!

Free Delivery

We have FREE DELIVERY within the North Shore, Downtown & Burnaby.

Please note that the minimum order for delivery is $50 before tax, a $5 delivery fee applies for orders under $50.

Pre-order by 4 pm the day before you desire delivery to your home or office. We will contact you to set a time for delivery.

You can place your order on our online SHOPPING cart or by calling us at 604-925-9383.

Bottle Deposit

We use glass bottles because we believe in the quality of our product & hope to provide you the juice in its best form.

Additional $1 glass bottle deposit on all juices. Simply Rinse & Return Glass Bottles for FULL Refund